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Delightful Italian restaurant menus


Mouth-watering Italian pizzas and an affordable wine list, a perfect combo

Our talented cooks have prepared a delicious blend of Mediterranean-inspired flavors. These meals offer a perfect blend of Italian traditions and local produce from Québec. Each ingredient is carefully chosen for freshness and quality. Le Vieux Four Italian and pizza restaurant promises mouth-watering foods and enjoyable lunches or dinners.


Marinara Mussels

Fondue parmesan

Stracciatella alla Romana

Onion Soup

Parmesan Eggplant

Minestrone Soup

Garlic Bread

Fried Zucchini

Shrimp Cocktail

Smoked Salmon

Fried Calamari

Prosciutto & Melon


Snails with Roquefort

Snails with garlic

Italian grilled sausages

Chicken wings



Trio zucchini, shrimps, fondue parmesan

House French Fries




Green salad

Italian dressing



Caesar salad



Panachée salad

Mixt lettuce, sun-dried tomatoes, onion, pine nuts, olives, tomatoes and cucumbers



Goat cheese salad

Mixt Jettuce and goat cheese, creamy ba/samic dressing



Aragula salad

Raspberry dressing, wa/nuts and parmesan shavings



Tuna salad

Lettuce, tuna, house dressing


Grilled chicken Ceasar salad

Creamy garlic dressing



Italian salad

Lettuce, italian dressing, cheese and ham




Pennine arrabiata

Spicy tomato sauce

Pennine Romanoff

Rosé sauce, Shallots, vodka

Spaghetti à la Napolitaine

Tomato sauce

Spaghetti alla Bolognaise

Meat sauce

Fettucini Alfredo

Cream sauce, parmesan

Fettucini Papalina

Alfredo, ham

Fettucini Gigi

Mushrooms, prosciutto, rose sauce

Tortellini meat stuffed

Tomato sauce, cream, parmesan

Linguini Vongola

Clams, tomato sauce

Linguini Frutti di Mare

Clams, shrimps, scallops, mussels, tomate sauce

Spaghetti Primavera

White wine, tomato sauce, garlic, fresh vegetable, parmesan

Pennine confit de canard

Confit of duck, brown stock, cream, mushrooms, shallots

Smoked salmon tagliatelle

Alfredo, smoked salmon

Linguini Cacciatore sausages

Italian sausages, brown broth, chili, peppers, tomato sauce

Linguini Cacciatore chicken

Chicken, peppers, mushrooms, tomato sauce, chili, brown stock

Spaghetti Pesto

Pesto, olive oil, garlic, pine nuts

Lasagna della Casa

Meat sauce

Cannelloni au veau

Tomato sauce, grated cheese

Cannelloni au ricotta & épinard

Tomato sauce, grated cheese

Linguini Carbonara

Cream, parmesan, egg, bacon

Extra chicken-breast


1 litre


1. Napoletana

Tomato sauce and cheese

2. Canitello

Tomato sauce, green peppers, mushrooms and cheese

3. Québécoise

Tomato sauce, pepperoni, green peppers, mushrooms and cheese

4. Deliziosa

Tomato sauce, bacon and cheese

5. Bagnara

Tomato sauce, garlic, snails and cheese

6. La Bianca

Garlic, cheese, oregano

7. Marinella

Tomato sauce, garlic, onions, bacon and cheese

8. L’Hawaïenne

Tomato sauce, ham, pineapple and cheese

9. Lavalloise

Tomato sauce, shrimps, mushrooms, olives, peppers and cheese

10. Tornada

Tomato sauce, prosciutto, olives, artichokes hearts and cheese

11. Frutti di mare

Tomato sauce, clams, shrimps and cheese

12. La Gondola

Tomato sauce, chicken, mushrooms, cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, asparagus

13. L’ltaliana

Tomato sauce, italian sausages, mushrooms, olives and cheese

14. Le Vieux Four

Tomato sauce, anchovies, olives, capers, parmesan cheese and cheese

15. La Roquette

Tomato sauce, prosciutto, cheese, aragula and parmesan shavings

16. La Bologna

Tomato sauce, pepperoni, italian sausages, cheese, onions, bacon

17. La Sicilienne

Tomato sauce, chicken, mushrooms, cheese, hot peppers, onions

18. Gambare

Tomato sauce, schrimps, garlic, cheese

19. Jardiniera

Bechamel, asparagus, broccoli, fresh tomatoes, onions and cheese

20. La Mediteraniana

Tomato sauce, sun-dried and fresh tomatoes, goat cheese and cheese

21. Calzone

Tomato sauce, italian sausages, mushrooms, olives, onions and cheese

22. Del Atlantico

Tomato sauce, smoked salmon, capers, onions and cheese

23. Del Jardina

Tomato sauce, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, cheese, black olives

24. Aux Quatre Fromages

Tomato sauce, blue, mozzarella, goat cheese, gruyère

Extra vegetables and sauce

Extra meat, cheese and seafood


Served with pasta or potatoes and vegetables

Scallopini poivre rose (Linguini rosée)

Rosé sauce, pink peppercorns and red peppers

Scallopini Dijonnaise (Fettucini Alfredo)

Dijon, cream and mushrooms

Scallopini Marsala (Fettucini Alfredo)

Marsala wine, mushrooms

Scallopini pizzaïola (Spaghetti même sauce)

Spicy tomato sauce

Scallopini Vino Bianco (Spaghetti sauce tomate)

White wine

Scallopini Limone (Spaghetti sauce tomate)


Coteletta Parmigiana (Spaghetti sauce tomate)

Tomato sauce, grated cheese, parmesan

Coteletta «Le Vieux Four» (Fettucini même sauce)

Stuffed with cheese, ham, Brandy and mushrooms


Served with pasta or potatoes and vegetables

Escalope de poulet milanaise (Spaghetti à l’ail)

Poulet Paillarde (Pennine Romanoff)

Grilled with spices, chili and herbs

Poulet Parmagiana (spaghetti sauce tomate)

Tomato sauce, grated cheese, parmesan

Poulet à la Florentine (Fettucini Alfredo)

Cream sauce, spinach and mushrooms

Poulet à la Marsala (Fettucini Alfredo)

Cream sauce, spinach and mushrooms

Poulet à la Dijonnaise (Fettucini Alfredo)

Dijon, cream and mushrooms

Steak and fries

Served with fries or bakes potatoes and vegetables or salad

Sirloin Steak Canadian AAA

AAA Steak 10 oz with pepper sauce

Sirloin Steak Steak Canadian AAA and garlic shrimps

AAA Steak 10 oz and shrimps

Filet Mignon canadien AAA

AAA Filet Mignon 6 oz with pepper sauce

Filet mignon 6oz canadian AAA and garlic shrimps

AAA Filet Mignon 6 oz with shrimps

From the sea

Garlic shrimps

Fish of the day

Served with pasta or rice and vegetables

Marinara mussels and house fries

Tomato sauce, white wine, shallots

The desserts

Vanilla Ice cream

Chocolate Parfait

Chocolate cake

Profiteroles au chocolat

Carrot cake


Sugar pie

Cheese cake

Extra vanilla ice cream

Crème brûlée

Children’s menu

For children under 12 years old

Spaghetti or All dressed Bambino Pizza or chicken wings and fries

Beverage and desert included